Language teaching


Beginner’s level

For beginners, I use a traditional teaching approach that will explain the basic rules of grammar, pronunciation and accent. If you follow my suggestions and complete the tasks set, in two to three months you will have a solid foundation which you can build on and from which you can continue your adventure in becoming better acquainted with a new language.

Advanced level

If you have previous language knowledge, my methodology will assist and encourage you to start speaking and communicating in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian or English. When I work with advanced students I like to use a variety of resources including modern multimedia, on-line magazines, YouTube, songs. We will spend 60% of our time talking together about different topics so that you can really practice your new skills.

Do not forget

Language is not only about new words, it is also about ideas and logic. When studying with me, you not only receive language and lessons in grammar, but also a cultural education, access to a communication club, interesting materials and a personalized online service for all your questions. If you want to know more about my teaching methodology check out what my learners think.